Unlock Your Money Blocks

Like everything else,

money is energy....

and all energy can be attracted or repelled.

What are money blocks?

Your Money Blocks are everything from this lifetime and past lifetimes that block you from feeling worthy of abundance, resources and opportunities. These blocks prevent you from knowing and expressing your truth this lifetime. Money Blocks can manifest in many ways for different people; some of these blocks are more obvious than others.

Here are some examples -

  • are you broke all the time and struggle to have your primary needs met;
  • clients don't pay their bills or don't see the value in paying you;
  • massive debt in your life;
  • You can not clients, customers or work;
  • working in jobs you can not stand to be able to receive money;
  • always feeling like you are just surviving and never thriving;
  • not feeling worthy of receiving;
  • experiences of losing money or being ripped off;
  • have a feeling of grief around money;
  • need the resources to achieve your purpose but they just don't come;
  • feel like you have no luck;
  • believe that you are either "chosen" for abundance or you are not

What you will gain - 

  • Clarity –
    of the true person you are and are striving to unlock; the type of life you would like to live and what you want that would make you happy;

  • Understanding –
    how your money blocks have come about and how they are affecting you in your current life;

  • Tools and strategies –
    the coaching and energy tools, meditations, strategies, mindset guidance, intuitive insight and rituals that will assist you to move you out of your karmic money patterns and into alignment with True abundant Self.

  • Change –
    through each lesson you will have the opportunity to put what you are learning into practice so that as you progress through the stages of the program. You have the opportunity to "be"; different; think different feel different, act different and make different decisions. Will you be willing to?

  • Self-responsibility –
    There is nothing more powerful than understanding that we are creating our reality. Yes, things happen that we can not control. Yes, we are born into certain situations. Yes, others may seem to have a notch up on us. None of this matters. What matters is how you deal with the cards you have, not focusing on the cards you didn't have. When you shift your mind, heart and focus to believing that you are completely responsible for how you are experiencing your life, then you are on the road to freedom and abundance. During the Unlock Your Money Blocks program you will be supported to break free of states of consciousness that keep you feeling victimised, hopeless and in pain. You will encouraged every step of the way to break the chains of giving others the power over your happiness, and reclaim yourself, your life and your happiness.

Money is not everything but it sure helps!

I know money is not the most important thing in the world, but it certainly is a big part of our experience and growth here. I have been absolutely broke and had nothing, to having a very abundant and happy life - I know what I would rather! In the times where I was on the bones of my arse, I wasn't in a good place within me. I did learn a lot about myself and life in those times; things that I may not have normally got to see, experience and learn. However, these days I would much rather learn my lessons and grow and evolve through other experiences other than having to be broke, or with limited resources and opportunities. There is a real deep shift that has to occur within for that to happen, often related to our conditioning growing up, but also with regards to our Soul and our past through time and space.

Express yourself through the energy of money...

If you feel like it is bad or wrong to have or want money or that you are undeserving of having or wanting money, then this is your sure sign to tell you that you have Money Blocks! Money is an energy - just like everything is energetically connected - so to are we with money. We get to express ourselves through the energetic frequency of money. Once you deeply start to understand this and align with it, you will see how easy it is to be free from hardship. However, to get there you need to discover what your money blocks are.

“You have to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” -

Zig Ziglar

How can Unlock Your Money Blocks help?

The Unlock Your Money Blocks program guides you on a journey through your entire energetic being and soul journey to seek what is blocking you from living a comfortable and abundant life. You will learn the keys to uncovering and removing the energetic blocks, binds and ties that are holding you hostage, repeating patterns, keeping you in fear, feeling unworthy , and producing the negative outcomes when it comes to enjoying the life you want.

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