Tree Woman Quest

Four creative earth immersions into your inner and outer landscapes
Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer

Observe your inner and outer world in a new way

"The tree is a powerful symbol and has been a common motif present in world theologies mythologies and philosophies since ancient times. It ultimately represents the interconnectedness of all life." - Jassy Watson

Have you ever noticed that there are some times of the day, month or year when you feel better than usual or perhaps things just seem to flow better within and around you. Everything seem to be in rhythm. Perhaps you have never had this feeling.

Your day-to-day routine could be quite hectic, chaotic or stressful, or maybe you are not sure what to do with your day. You could be forcing yourself to do certain things that are causing burnout or harm within your body. Maybe you just feel “out of whack” yet want to achieve some goals or find some more time and space in your life to be still or do other things that soothe your Soul.

Find the Rhythm of Your Life 

Join me on a 12 Month Visual Quest 

Join me on to find balance, flow and rhythm with nature and within yourself as we gather (on-line or in person) for four amazing workshop journey's across the equinoxes and solstices in 2021 & 2022.

Soulscape® is for new painters and for Picasso's. It's an instinctive, intuitive and imaginative process created by Jassy Watson of Earth Circle Gallery and Café. It is where a visual story unfolds layer-by-layer, mark by mark.

The image created is inspired and influenced largely by the experience of and the relationship to the world around you and the inspirations and awakenings from within you.

It teaches you to observe the world through the eyes of an artist and to see and create in a non-literal way. It invites you to let go of expectation and to return to a sense of play and spontaneity.

"What a treat to spend some time with the magical Rebecca-Lee as she facilitated a Tree Woman workshop at Cosmic Rebel Studio! From the moment I walked into the enchanting space I felt connected, earthed, and free. I am not an artist by any stroke of the brush, in fact my drawing ability sits firmly in the stick figure category. I really wasn’t sure what I would come up with during the process but I just went with the flow and I ended up being particularly surprised with the beautiful face that emerged on my Tree Woman. Everything about my Tree Woman experience was so soulful and I would highly recommend this journey to anyone."


Connecting to the Cyclical Nature of Life

Life is an ever-moving circle. We grow close to others, then things fall away. We experience the joy of birth, then have to grieve what is lost. We feel we are close to recognising our life’s purpose, then realise there is further seeking to be done. Once we realise that the movements and changes of life are part of a natural cycle, we can stop trying to control and resist them and instead experience the peace that can be found in surrender.

Life is circular and cyclical. Through the Tree Woman Quest you will have the opportunity to explore yourself and your life through the seasons. Letting go of what is ready to be let go of; taking time to be still and go within; getting clear about what you want to manifest and plant new seeds; take inspired action towards your dreams and visions and celebrate what deserves to be celebrated within you and around you!

The Tree Woman process will inspire you to:

  • Observe the world around you in a new way.
  • Conceptualise experiences, ideas & inspirations creatively.
  • Get clear on how to move through any obstacles arising at the present time in your life.
  • Merge inner and outer landscapes on canvas.
  • Remember that our life moves in cycles with nature.
  • Discover new ways to express your unique voice in paint.
  • Explore mixed media applications.

Your Mentor and Guide

Rebecca-Lee is passionate about bringing people back into connection with themselves through energy awareness, nature and art. She is a qualified Life Coach, Family Constellation Facilitator and spiritual mentor.

She has worked with people all around the world for over a decade assisting them to become aware of their shadow and unlock their karmic love and money patterns and heal and reconnect with their ancestors.

Living in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, she enjoys time with her husband, family and friends and her chooks and garden.


See details for each journey you will take below


The Time to be still

Regardless most of us will feel the distance of the sun, and be dressing much warmer in the winter months. Most people either love or hate winter as we are met with cool days and as such we will play with cool colours of blues, and purples and maybe even some greys on the canvas.

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The Time to Plant New Seeds

We begin to see colours everywhere as the flowers begin to bloom, our Spring Tree Woman will be bursting with greens, pinks, yellows and all the bright colours you can imagine or bring from your own landscape.

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The Time to Fully Bloom

Summer see’s the trees in full bloom and we celebrate the heat with warm colours of sizzling and vibrant reds and yellows.

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The Time to Let Go

Across much of the world autumn (or fall), is looked upon by many as the most beautiful time of the year, with trees glistening with gold, red, yellow and orange.

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Join the Tree Woman Quest

either on-line or  in-person on the Sunshine Coast 

Fours seasons | Four paintings | Four enquiries | Four amazing weekends 

Find balance and flow in your life

During the Tree Woman Quest you will undertake four paintings in conjunction with the the equinoxes and solstice's. You will learn how each season can support you in your own life; when it's time to change, grow, rest and let go; plant new seeds, celebrate and manfiest.

The Tree Woman Quest gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful energy medicine painting and you will learn to tune in to her messages and "quest" with her throughout the season to bring forth the changes you need to make in your life.

Take home your own Energy Medicine Paintings or do them at home!

As you learn to work with the cycles of nature you begin to see how you are connected to the world around you, and that you are not alone. You are part of something larger, and from this connection you can find strength through the transitions of life rather than feeling alone, unsupported or resistant.

in person


Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Be guided by Rebecca-Lee in person

4x Workshops

Online support on your Quest between workshops with
discussion groups, 
moon rituals;
meditations, and
reflective questions to assist you on your journey

Paint, canvases &  all art supplies provided

FREE 1-hr Private session with Rebecca-Lee

My studio is a beautiful indoor/outdoor space.





4 workshops recorded on-line for each painting;

materials list

On-line support on your Quest with
discussion groups 
moon rituals
meditations and
reflective questions to help you on your Quest

All in the comfort of your own home or studio space!


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