Psychic Readings and Healings

Shamanic Healing with Visioning and Intuitive Coaching

This in-person healing uses sound, touch, soul connection and energetic healing principles to remove blocks in your auric field and chakra's to heal wounds and reveal opportunities for growth. During this shamanic style healing Rebecca-Lee is guided by your Higher Self and Spirit Team to facilitate and translate what is happening in your healing. Your healing may include some or all of the following including - a soul retrieval; power animal retrieval, crystal or sound healing; energetic grid upgrade; chakra and auric field clearing and healing ; light body activation and whatever else she may be guided to do or inform you.

Rebecca-Lee will time track your blocks to the source of your limiting beliefs whether that is sometime during this life, childhood, womb wounds; conception or beyond, including past-lives and ancestral blocks.

You may be required to assist in methods that she guides you through via very simple instructions - in a semi-tranced state - where you will be asked some questions that will guide you to some aha moments of awareness that will assist you release what you are ready to let go of.

Session lengths vary, however, allow up to 90 minutes. This includes time for vision sharing and intuitive coaching before and after the session. Generally we look at one, sometimes two issues per session.

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