Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring

Shamanic Healing and Visioning

For those of you who would like to come in and receive a healing with little to no chit-chat.

This session will be run from 40 - 60 minutes. We will have a brief discussion of where you need assistance, then -

* A Shamanic Energy Field and Chakra Scan repair and balance.

* You may also receive a drum healing if I decide that will be necessary.

* Followed by an energy grid replacement that powers up your field (if required)

The healing is handed over to the healers in other dimensions who take care of what is needed.

* I may be guided to conduct a Soul Retrieval or a Power Animal Retrieval to assist you on your path right now.

We store the energy from unhealed circumstances as energetic imprints or blocks in our body and energy field. Once this is cleared, we can then look at what is happening in the present moment in a more balanced and solution focused way.

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