Psychic Readings and Healings

Remote Energy Healing with Rebecca-Lee

Rebecca-Lee will conduct a remote energy healing on you to clear and balance your chakra's and energy field. During your session she will work with you on an energy and soul level clearing cords, ties and binds, curses and any other negative energies that she detects. She will work on repairing any tears in your auric field that are leaving your feeling drained and tired, and channel in various energetic codes that will help you heal and give you a vibrational lift.

The Remote Energy Healing session will be conducted from the comfort of your own home/office. You will organise a mutual time and day with Rebecca-Lee where you can sit or lay down quietly for 30 minutes, and as you do so she will tune in to your energetic field and conduct the healing. If you wish Rebecca-Lee will give a some recorded music that will help you relax whilst your healing happens.

Your comprehensive report will include exactly what was picked up and cleared - where it may be coming from and how you can support and protect yourself and manage your energetic boundaries in the future. She will provide you with the direct steps to integrate the energy upgrade into your daily life and how you can take better care of yourself energetically.

Your Session will be 30-40 minutes in length followed by approximately 30 minutes of her time in devising your report and sending it to you.

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