Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring

Healing with the Ancestors session with Rebecca-Lee

Do you feel burdened or heavy with negative family patterns and karma?

Do you feel the Ancestors calling you?

Rebecca-Lee combines her gift of mediumship, and her experience with family constellation and shamanic practices to bring you this Healing with the Ancestors session. To begin your session you will briefly discuss your issue of concern/why you were drawn to an Ancestral Healing. Rebecca-Lee will then intuitively guide you through her Healing with the Ancestors process to uncover the destructive family pattern that is holding you back; where it began; (how many generations back does it travel) and how and why it has been blocking you lin your life. Rebecca-Lee will guide you on this sacred journey as you explore your soul map and begin to release these karmic energies, attachments and binds. Your session perfectly blends intuitive guidance and coaching, messages from Spirit, , Energy Healing and Family Constellations. You will be supported with any ideas, suggestions, practices or rituals to help you on your Ancestral Healing journey.

Your Session will be approximately 80-90 minutes in length and can be done via phone, zoom or in-person.

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