Psychic Readings and Healings

Psychic Readings with Rebecca-Lee

Rebecca-Lee is a natural clairvoyant and psychic and has been working in the industry professionally for over twelve years. She has however, been offering readings to thousands of people all over the world for over twenty years to those whom she crossed on her path. Her readings tend to go to the root of your issue and can bring out matters of the Soul that need your attention to enable you to navigate your highest vibrating path. She often has passed over love ones come through with messages, along with Angels and Ancient Ancestors, Spirit Guides and other beings who wish to introduce themselves and give you messages as they act as your guides through various aspects of your life.

The sessions can be done via the phone, zoom or in person and are 40 minutes in length.

If you wish to have an answer for a particular question you are welcome to state that at the beginning of your reading.

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