Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring

Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Mentor Session with Rebecca-Lee

Rebecca-Lee deeply understands the process of uncovering and understanding spiritual gifts; whether that is to use in your daily life or as a professional career. In these sessions you will have the opportunity to share your spiritual and paranormal experiences with Rebecca-Lee for insight and understanding and/or discuss where you are facing fear or getting blocked. If you are unsure what your spiritual strengths are Rebecca-Lee will tune in and share with you what she feels is your strongest gift to start with and the ways in which you can begin to understand, manage and use the gift in your daily life or business. She will share with you what techniques and exercises you need to focus on to strengthen your gifts and also manage them and protect yourself for the pitfalls that happen along the way.

For those who are more advanced in using their spiritual gifts you will have the opportunity to discuss ways to advance these gifts, and/or begin to unlock other gifts for the next phase of your life. Some of you may be ready to step out and use these gifts on a more professional level.

We all have the capacity for intuitive, psychic and healing gifts, and we are all destined to use them in different ways depending on our life purpose. If you are not sure what or if you have spiritual gifts, but you have a strong calling to find out, this initial session will give you the opportunity to understand what your unknown or potential gifts are and how you start developing them and believing in them.

Rebecca-Lee has over twenty-five years experience in working with and understanding the psychic world, and whilst she does not claim to know it all, she has a large amount of experience to pull from to assist you, whilst her own psychic gifts and insight will provide you with all you need to know and the direction you need to follow on this step of your journey.

Sessions can be done via the phone, zoom or in person and are approximately 60 - 70 minutes.

Mentoring Packages are available.

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