Psychic Readings and Healings

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Email up to three questions you need insight into and receive a 20-30 minute reading from Rebecca-Lee. Rebecca-Lee will tune into your energy and from there choose which of her oracle card deck/s will give you the best reading.

If you need insight on a particular question, facing a decision in where you do not know which way to go; needing spiritual guidance or a message from someone particular, Rebecca-Lee will tune and bring forth any messages you need to hear. It will give you insights, channel direct messages from spirit and provide you with an in-depth energetic reading of the situation, giving you the power to know how to best move forward.

Your reading will be recorded and sent to your email address that is received through the shopping cart at the time of purchase, along with a picture of your card spread.

There is an approximate waiting time of 2 weeks for the reading

*except school holiday time will be longer and you will be notified of your expected reading time delivery.

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