Love Blocks Energy Coach Training

Love Blocks Energy Coach Certification

12-14 month Mentorship Program

Are you ready to step out as an Energy and Intuitive Coach?

Are you seeking a new way to work with your clients?

Are you ready to fulfil your purpose whilst being fully supported and promoted by Rebecca-Lee?

Are You Meant to be a Love Blocks Energy and Intuitive Coach?

You know the journey more than anyone!

You also know that if anyone has a chance in love, relationships and being on purpose, that they need to love themselves deeply.

But all these "blocks" get in the way. So the journey to Unlock Your Love Blocks must begin. The past. The Inner Child. The parents. The past-lives. The limiting beliefs. The shame and guilt. The ex. The grief and loss. Distorted perceptions. Unworthiness. No place in the world..... You and I know it could go on and on with the stuff many of us are carrying around! And it goes deep. Very deep. And it needs time. And we need a guide to navigate all these karmic soul patterns that keep people going around and around in their life - their relationships; friendships; parenting; work colleagues and career; family.

Please listen to the below audio!!

Grab a cuppa or play in the car. I have sat down and recorded this audio to absolutely spill everything you need to know. There is a lot of text below, but I still don't cover everything. This is a big deal if your considering this - for both of us! So please, if you can take a little bit of time and have a listen and you will hear everything about this offering you need to know. 

Pioneers, Adventurers, Indigo's, Leaders, Rebels, Warriors, Healers, and Divergents this is for you ....

For the first time in over ten years I am offering training and certification as a Love Blocks Energy Coach. Through my Unlock Your Love Blocks work I have had clients all over the world find love; leave dysfunctional relationships; break out of karmic soul patterns; develop a new sense of love for themselves and discover their purpose. It is incredibly humbling, often messy, but so rewarding work. This work is the real deal!

When I commenced my business in 2008 under the brand Living Wide Awake, “energy healing” and “intuitive coaching” were not really a “thing”. It has taken me some years to understand who I was and what I was doing that was different, knowing that I was somewhere between a life coach and a psychic. Fast forward twelve years later and the term “Intuitive Coach” is listed on most people’s resume. How far we have come! This is a great thing for our industry as more and more people understand to some level who we are and what we do. So many people are now seeking answers outside of the traditional counselling and psychotherapy industry. Quite simply, it has not been working for them. Our insight, gifts and everything that has made us feel different all of our lives, is now deeply needed in the world!

Why you?

In the last few years the coaching, healing and the psychic industry really taken off, and I believe we haven't hit anywhere near the demand and exposure that we are destined for yet. In the industry's growth both here and in the States, I have seen many people enter the field putting a shingle on their door with little to no training or personal development. As much as I advocate for everyone who feels called to step into their truth and purpose, there is often a lack of experience into Self, and therefore, I believe, a lack of integrity and standards. This may sound negative and I truly don't wish this to come across this way, I simply want to point out to you why I feel strongly that it is people like you that need to be out there. There are some great marketers', some beautiful, bold and confident men and woman, whom in my opinion and observation, lack the experience into their Soul and Self that they perhaps need to have before guiding others in deep Soul work.

In this amazing time of awakening, I truly believe these people will need healers, coaches, mentors and guides who have been into the depths of their own Soul, got messy with the blood, sweat and tears and understand some of the journey and what that is like to start to find your way out of the other side. I believe that the work you have done with me has seen you do that; and I know many of you are still in some stage of your own awakening (aren't we all!) and that is why I think people like you, those who feel the calling, need to be out there guiding these people in their awakening now.

It concerns me when I see people attempting to work with people on a deep psychological or soul level when I know they have not ventured into the depths of themselves yet. It also deeply bothers me when someone who has been successful in the mainstream machine, flies to some exotic place for a week or weekend, and comes home a master healer, coach, shaman or something of the like, throws their money into the marketing machine and becomes a self-confessed expert on the Soul from their one weekend of "awakening". Believe me...I've seen it....a lot!!!   Do you get my drift?? Integrity and standards come from not only perhaps doing our own apprenticeships, but a massive part of that is doing our own work!

We can only take our clients to depths that we have experienced ourselves.

We are here to work with the deep hearted, and often old Souls, as well as new vibrating Souls from other realms. We are not here to pussy foot around now dear one; if you have been feeling the call it IS time to get to work!  We are here to hold this space for people who are awakening and guide them on that journey. And it is so important that they do wake up and are supported in that now - for humanity; for the planet!

I believe the greatest gift we can offer our clients is doing our own personal work, and I know you have all been working on this over your lifetime (or at least the last few years...and believe me that makes you a lot more qualified than one weekend away). This is the most important pre-requisite for any work you are going to do with others. No matter what modality you chose to approach them with. That is why I am only offering this Love Blocks Energy Coach training to those that have done the Unlock Your Love Blocks program with me or worked with me extensively in the last few years -  at this stage. This is something that I feel strongly about.

Most of you know that I am a big believer in self-responsibility, and if you have not, on some level, come to an understanding of self-responsibility for your own life, nor had the courage to dive within your own heart, mind and Soul to see why......., then perhaps you are not truly ready to work with others just yet? I don’t expect you to be perfect either or have it all figured out!!! I certainly have not.

However, I do expect that you have had, and will continue to have the willingness, make the time, and have the courage to look within and continue to work on your own Love Blocks. Becoming a Coach or Healer does not mean your own development journey stops. In fact it means, that you need to keep working on yourself more than ever! 

You do not need to be perfectly healed, or not have any issues left to sort out! That is truly unreasonable!!!  I believe we all will continue to evolve throughout our lives. However, I am asking that you be humble and committed to continually working with your own Love Block and ego and integrate your learning into your own personal and spiritual development along the way. Approaching your work and your clients pretending you have all the answers, or blind to your own blocks and triggers will dramatically limit your sessions.

We can still be working through our own blocks, but as a coach and healer, we at least need to be aware of what they are!!

You need to be vulnerable and humble enough to know, that you will learn so much from your clients and, you should receive as much insight into yourself as they do into themselves through your sessions together. I believe the reason why I have clients with me for many years is because I do not pretend to be something that I am not, nor do I pertain to have the answers for everyone.

My aim in inviting you into this program is not just offering you a process, brand, skills and knowledge to conduct a successful coaching and healing sessions; just importantly I would be incredibly humbled to be your guide, mentor and sounding board as you step into this next chapter of life.

I fully believe in you and that you are here to do great things in the world. I want to be there, right beside you, supporting you and reminding you of who you truly are and that you CAN do this!

Just a Few Words on Starting a Business

Starting a business is dam hard, I’m not going to lie. Starting a business and surviving for over ten years is almost impossible for most people. Many amazing and gifted people have either ran out of money, don’t have the time to commit to what it takes to get the business off the ground, or simply become so crushed and disheartened by not achieving what they set out to achieve.

The time, money, resources, connections needed to have a sustainable and profitable business, along with the inner grit and determination to keep going can allude some, or, eventually wither away from others.

Many of my clients have wanted to step out as a healer, teacher or coach of some capacity as they move through and heal their own Love Blocks. Many of those who have attempted realise quite quickly that it is a daunting process, one that will require time, money, courage, commitment and persistence. My own experience in business has literally be the hardest journey of my life!

Whilst I will support any of my clients to pursue their business dreams, I began to see quickly that there are huge opportunities for us to work together. I realised for some time that this is the most logical step that I can offer my clients who have benefited so much from the Unlock Your Love Blocks work over the years and want to step out and help others do the same. 

The hours and money spent on setting up websites, creating brands, and trying to create a following and interact on social media is like a never-ending hole, costing you everything, with often very little rewards. I am offering a way where you don't have to do that if you don't want to. Or at least give you a boost to get you up and going if you so choose to take me up on the offer. 

More than just a coaching certification

Together we Rise

My intention with this program is far reaching. If you would like to learn some incredible techniques and my Unlock Your Love Blocks process and knowledge and then go out on your own and use the brand that is absolutely fine.

However, it is my hope that this will be the beginning of a life-long adventure together; growing, learning and supporting each other to our own greatness. My vision entails some of you who commence this journey with me as those who will walk by my side into the future expansion of not only the Love Blocks brand, but High Vibration City and beyond!

The Future

For me personally, I have worked in my own business providing one-on-one sessions with clients for over a decade, whilst also taking up the calling of developing High Vibration City, being a Mum, a wife, and try to be a good friend. This has been challenging, with some deep inner shifts that have been rewarding; but far from easy. However, I am being strongly guided to share this with you now, so that you may step into your greatness and your next step on your journey. I truly believe that my initiation with this is complete, and it is now my time to guide and support the future healers and leaders....that is you. I must focus on supporting you and making it as easy as possible for you all to get out there, be seen, reach people and start doing this important work with them. I also must have more time on continuing to build the bigger picture - High Vibration City - central station for all of this to take part from.  So it is the direction I am wanting to take now, and those of you who come along now will absolutely be my pillars in the future! (if that is what you decide of course!)

My intention after this training is to commence a “guild”, where I can continue to support you of course, but also welcome your idea’s for the future of the brand and other services you may like to offer through High Vibration City. It is my hope that many of us will continue to develop the Unlock Your Love Blocks brand to make it all it can be and for those who want to further the work with workshops or teaching other practitioners in the future can do so. I believe that there will be plenty of opportunity to continue to develop, grow and work with me in paid capacities on a strategic level. 

I also hope many of us will collaborate together to bring forward other services and products that will be offered within High Vibration City. It is my intention that we create a beautiful tribe where we can not only expand and promote High Vibration City as a worthy social media platform, but also the place to find and offer the best personal and spiritual development programs that will deeply assist people on all levels well into the future.

A word on Energy Coaching

In the wake of a massive increase in people with energetic sensitivity,

energy Healers and Intuitive Coaches will be one of the future’s most needed new professions.

The time of mystification and “guruism” is over! Connecting with our innate healing powers and intuition will replace the superiority in being academically smart in the future. This is not to judge those who study hard in academic systems, this is to say that intuitive knowledge and energy healing can and will be just as respected , if not more in the future. The idea that energy and intuition belongs to the hippies or new age corner is changing fast, and will continue to become more mainstream and viewed, ironically, as cutting edge new technology.

I believe that we are on the cusp of an entirely new approach to health, wellness, and healing. Energy Healing and education will become a huge part of bigger emerging industries and education.

Over the years, Spirit has advised me and guided me with my own energy work. Rather than following step by step instructions or old paradigm energy modalities, the next generation of healers, like myself, will find it difficult to follow the step by step instructions or be limited by the vibrations of energy the modalities are aligned with.  As I have discovered through, and will teach in the Unlock Your Love Blocks program, you will need to start to renegade your own way of healing, understand what your Spirit Team is showing you, and, as your energy continues to shift through this training, work with higher vibrational fields and energies that will come through. These energies will align you and your clients with the new vibrations being integrated on the earth. The Unlock Your Love Blocks program hold the space to enable you to do that. 

In the future we will be called upon by the more traditional mainstream professions to share our talents and wisdom of energy healing to assist them in their business, with their staff and even to guide them with their services and their products. There are no limits in how we can use energy healing to reach a more fulfilled life.

The Unlock Your Love Blocks Session

Energy Clearings, Transmissions and Intuitive Coaching is geared towards helping others to feel empowered to make the inner and external changes needed for permanent healing. You will be trained to see the deep energetic aspects of someone to help you help them. Energetic Clearing and Healing is a strong addition to any coaching or counselling work that not only can help a client shift long held onto patterns, but also can teach them how to work with and engage in their own healing work.

Teaching people to look after their energetic bodies, particularly empaths, intuitives/psychics and energy sensitives can dramatically improve their overall emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

You will learn how to intuitively coach a client through deep-seated inner blocks and how to positively involve a person in their own healing process.

The Unlock Your Love Blocks process is for anyone who is interested in deeper healing work in how to identify, remove and communicate root problems and deep-seated energetic blocks through this combination of energetic field work and direct intuitive coaching. Each trainee will become effective at reading, working with and clearing an individual’s energetic field and assisting to align their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

This is an initiation, where I invite you to trust me, and I ask you that you trust this process……

I am bringing a range of techniques to the table in this training to enable you to not only activate your subtle energy perceptions but also to enhance them and learn how to use them in new ways. Not just with your clients, but in your everyday life.


  • The foundations of coaching;

  • The foundations of energy medicine;

  • The anatomy of the Soul;

  • Understanding your view on creation, karma and the meaning of life;

  • Finding your niche through your story;
  • The foundations of Unlock Your Love Blocks;  

  • What are energetic “blocks” and how they are formed;

  • How to determine the core base belief of someone’s Love Blocks;

  • The structure of an Unlock Your Love Blocks session;

  • Energy Healing whilst Coaching;

  • How to be an Intuitive Coach;

  • Shamanic time, track and travel through the chakra’s;

  • Using the Unlock Your Love Blocks oracle deck in your sessions;

  • Prescriptions for specific Love Blocks;

  • The use of healing tools;
  • Metacognitive and energy drawing to track and determine energies and Love Blocks, particularly in remote sessions;

  • Working with your Spiritual Team during the healing and coaching;

  • Learning to work with the flow of your clients’ energy rather than following specific steps;

  • Understanding the Lover Archetypes;

  • How to facilitate and report on specific shamanic healings you can use during a session including soul retrievals; power animal retrievals; spirit-to-spirit; past-life regression;

  • Working with the four directions;

  • Preparing for your session through ritual;

  • Energy safety practices;

  • Subtle energy awareness Intuitive Training

  • Extensive knowledge of the twelve-chakra system (including working with the backs of the chakra’s)

  • Remote viewing and healing

  • How to conduct and Unlock Your Love Blocks session in person and over the phone and remotely

  • Presenting yourself to the public

Your training will also involve –

  • Working with me behind the scenes in remote energy clearings and transmissions;

  • Working on each other to determine karmic patterns, view them energetically and understand how to energetically work with them and intuitively coach your client through them;

  • Working with external clients;

  • Supporting participants as “Heart Tenders” in the next Unlock Your Love Blocks program forums;

  • Attending a medicine plant ceremony (not required but a great opportunity that doesn’t often come along to those in outer circles);

  • Working with Rebecca-Lee on social media with free Love Blocks readings to not only practice but to get yourself known;

  • Developing your UYLB package offerings and advertise your services in public;

  • Co-facilitating in an Unlock Your Love Blocks in-person workshop (not compulsory);

  • Discover if you have a Love Blocks speciality ie a specific target group or chakra that you specialise in;

What is included –

  • 12 x monthly training webinars;

  • 6 x bi-monthly personal mentor sessions;

  • Fortnightly café calls/webinars; includes red thread circle and Intentional Creativity practices;

  • 3 x Unlock Your Love Blocks coach training weekend workshops;

  • 2 x Intentional Creativity weekend workshops to support your personal and spiritual development;

  • 1 graduation day official ceremony, with celebratory dinner and party;

  • An Invitation to attend a San Pedro Plant Medicine Ceremony with me and one of my Shamanic Mentors; 

    (the cost of this ceremony and one night’s accommodation is not included in your tuition, however, approx cost will be $250 for the experience. I do not make any money on this, it all goes straight to the Shaman and the land owner).

  • All training materials including training manual with chakra and energy reference documents and session templates to work through with your clients; art materials, healing tools, and any other resources you will require;

  • 2 x text books for your learning;

  • Permission to use the Unlock Your Love Blocks branding; you will receive a file at the end of your training with all logo’s and social banners *conditions apply;

  • An incredible Intentional Creativity Gift Package that includes your your own art and drawing supplies; journals etc to use throughout this journey;

  • Your Love Blocks Energy Coach coaching certification and certificate;

  • Promotional support in High Vibration City and other social media during and after your training to assist you become known and get clients;

  • 30% discount on any other workshop not included in your training that I host during the time of your training and also any extra personal sessions you require;

  • An invitation into the High Vibe City “guild” upon your successful graduation for future program, product and service development support, collaborations, deliberations and promotion.

Course Dates and Timelines

Course commencement Date

First Official Date will begin with a Workshop on the 14th August 2020

There will be some pre-course exercises and reading material available from early July  for anyone who wants to get the jump on.


I intend for the first three months to be large study around energy healing and intuitive coaching, and the basics of Unlock Your Love Blocks.

From months 3-6 you will begin your practice sessions with each other and will begin to work with me in the next training, and on social media for those who feel ready. 

Then from February (in time for Valentine’s Day) I will start promoting those who feel ready for paid work for Unlock Your Love Blocks sessions with clients.

We can be open to these timelines as a group and individually as you feel ready. At this time you will continue to be in your training both as an Energy and Intuitive Coach and be supported by me with your personal and spiritual development.

For those that will be ready, I will be happy to start promoting you in the new year.

It is a little difficult to plan so much at this stage future dates for workshops due to the restrictions and we can certainly take care of a lot of it on-line. However, my sense is to wait and see who signs up and we will discuss this and work it out together re: dates for the gatherings.

I am so looking forward to this journey and supporting you in this process!

If you need to reach out to me with any questions/comments/ requests please do so at rebecca@highvibrationcity.comand I can answer via email or we can arrange to get on the phone.

I'll hold registrations open until Friday 29th May, at which time I am assuming you will know if this is for you or not. xxxx

Thank you for your time; your heart; your trust; and for being you and showing up. 

Lots of Love


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