Cosmic Rebel Studio

Set Yourself Free

Let Your Rebel out to play

Through various Intentional Creativity® processes and energy healing modalities, Cosmic Rebel Studio offers both online and in person workshops that guide you through inner aspects of yourself so that you can feel freer and lighter in your life.

The processes at Cosmic Rebel Studio are not just about painting a picture or to focus on fine art skills and walking away with a piece of art that looks like a highly trained artist has done. No way!!! This is about you connecting to parts inside of you that you need to unleash and go through that process on the canvas. If you have art training and your painting looks like an absolute masterpiece in the end than that is fantastic!!! But the objective is for you to have fun and explore your inner and outer worlds and walk away with a knowing about yourself and your life that you didn't have before.

"rebels are the people who refuse the seen for the unseen"

It can be tempting to focus on our own individual and collective flaws and somehow we end up very "problem" focused in life, rather than focusing on what solutions are available. This is because many of us have been conditioned to close our curious and creative nature down. With too many people coerced as a youngster to colour “between the lines,” or told that their creations were not enough or don't look a certain way, we have been conditioned to distrust or dislike our creative self.


This part of yourself; this creative; mystical; resourceful part of your being could be exactly what you need to re-connect with right now to cause and create the revolution that you are yearning for in your life.

Through creativity we have the power to heal old stories and discover who we truly are by shifting patterns and blocks so that we can reclaim our true creative selves. Cosmic Rebel Studio programs assist you in your own revolution; breaking you out of your mundane, stuck, problem focused or even boring self, so that you can awaken the cosmic creator you truly are.

You came to this life with a mission; to live; to be free; to be wild; to cause and create something that will assist you; your family or this planet to move forward....are you living it?

The Cosmic Rebel comes to break you out of your cage and remind you about courage; self-worth, dreaming big and not giving a fuck about conforming to others opinions or your own inner critic.

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