Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

Have you been curious as to whether you have psychic or intuitive gifts?

Are you looking to better understand your spiritual gifts and how to use them?

Would you like to be able to use your spiritual gifts to help you in your life?

Awakening your Spirit

When you begin to discover, accept and understand your own unique combination of spiritual gifts your life WILL change for the better. Even if you do not think you have any spiritual gifts now, but you wish you did, Rebecca-Lee assures that EVERYONE has spiritual gifts; you just need to know what they are and how to AWAKEN them. When you understand your own magical self and connect with your Spirit it will help you on so many levels in your life.

Awakening to your gifts can help you on your path of career and purpose; your relationships and finding love; your health and wellness; your parenting and friendships and so much more. When you awaken your gifts and embrace them as an integral part of who you are and your daily life, you will make better decisions and be so much more happier.

This is a unique opportunity to work with Rebecca-Lee as she will lovingly guide you to understand your own spiritual gifts. She is very grounded in her work and can deeply connect with and understand the excitement, blocks, fears and frustrations you come up against in allowing and developing your own spiritual gifts.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

What will you discover.....

The Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts program has been designed to give you the opportunity to discover your own unique set of spiritual gifts in a safe sacred space that will support you to develop them through knowledge and experiential learning practices.

The program will give you an overall understanding of all the different spiritual gifts so you know what is possible, and how they work through the chakra's.

I work with many people who think that they do not have any spiritual gifts because they can not see visions, or they are not psychic or a medium. However, EVERYONE has spiritual gifts! We just have different ones, and often, we just need to be aware of what they are, what is possible and AWAKEN them.

The Journey....

This program will take you on a journey through all the spiritual gifts and let you discover what you are really natural at, what you love and what you don't love and which gifts you would love to awaken and use more. The program will show you how each gift works, give you practices to strengthen them and how you use your gift  in everyday life. 

You will discover how to manage your feelings when it comes to awakening this part of yourself, yet those around you are not there and don't understand. 

Be inspired to slow down, be still and go within amongst hectic and stressful lifestyles. Discover how doing so actually helps you achieve more then running around like a crazy person!

Develop strong energetic boundaries and safety lessons to assist you in not only protecting you from lower harsher energies in day to day life, but also when you are venturing into the spiritual realms.

Learn how to tame and train strong gifts such as empathy that often railroad people's lives and learn how to use the gift rather then it causing havoc in your life. 

Explore feelings of frustration and longings to return "home" and become at peace with being on earth. 


When you don’t know

how you know…….

But you know you know…..

And you know you knew

and that’s all you needed to know

Would this be for me?

It does not matter if you are an absolute beginner, or have been aware of your gifts for a while. If you are a current psychic or healer and would like to develop more confidence in your gifts and/or discover what other spiritual gifts are available to you so you continue to work on developing and mastering your craft this is for you. This is for those who simply want to learn, develop and have a space just for you to get to know you. Not to train to be something for others; this is just for you; about discovering and learning more about your spiritual self and gifts, and how awakening this part of yourself best serves you.

Who am I to dare to dream.....

Anyone who wants to uncover their spiritual gifts, understand them and know how to use them in your life;
Anyone who is obsessed with psychics, magic, and Spirit;

Anyone who wants to further their psychic development and learn more about their spiritual gifts;

A deep desire to bring your psychic and intuitive Self out to the world;

Anyone who wants to stop living as their smaller self and AWAKEN their higher, wiser Self;

Anyone who feels constantly drained and overwhelmed, especially when out in public or connecting with others;

Anyone who wants to awaken their intuition to use in their professional career, whether that is a healer, an administrator, a nurse, there is no limit to how useful your spiritual gifts can be in any profession!

Anyone who has a gifted, spiritual or intuitive child and wants to better understand how to support them and protect them energetically and spiritually;

Anyone who has felt awkward or different to others and doesn't quite understand why they know what they know or see what they see;

Anyone who feels that a part of them is missing;

Anyone who knows it is time to slow down and go within for the answers;

Anyone who wants to establish a relationship with their Higher Self and the Spirit Team

What you will learn...

  • Discover the spiritual gifts that sit in your twelve chakra system;
  • An introduction to the various "clairs" and how they work through each spiritual gift;
  • Put together your Spirit Team of helpers to help you with various aspects of your development and life;
  • Energetic Boundary and safety lessons;
  • Working with oracle cards and other divination tools;
  • Energy clearing and balancing
  • Invoking and Communicating with Spirit
  • Automated Writing
  • The Afterlife

and so much more....each gift covers everything you have ever wanted to know about the Spirit world and connecting with your Higher Self and gifts.

"There is a voice that doesn't use words....listen"

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