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Who is Rebecca-Lee?

Rebecca-Lee's role and experience is diverse as she works on multi-dimensions to assist her clients. Ideally, she would best describe herself as an Intuitive Energy Coach. Ideally she works with those who know they are here on the earth to break soul and family karmic patterns and live life beyond that of the narrated norm. She encourages her clients to go for the life they vision and be the creator of their realities. This is a journey that takes one deep within, unlocking blocks and discovering oneself on many levels.

Lapping up the greenery and mountains in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast , Australia, she says it is absolutely essential to her wellbeing that she lives in towns with plenty of tree’s and birds. She enjoys her space and in her spare time by doing nothing but just staring into thin air and thinking about nothing, watering her garden and watching her chickens.

Her gifts, knowledge and personal experiences in life have benefited her diverse client-base over the years. Her intuitive insights and understanding of the Soul assists people in unlocking karmic soul patterns. Whilst her programs remind people to take care of their energetic bodies as much as their physical ones. All-in-all her overall mission is to awaken those who are ready to connect with and live from their True Self.

As a result of her own life journey, she has an ability to deeply connect to and understand the challenges and inner sentiments of those who are empathic, revolutionaries, intuitives’, indigo’s, psychic and anyone that feels different, or has difficulty fitting in and finding their tribe.

Rebecca-Lee is not shy in sharing her own struggles and vulnerabilities with her students and clients, and regularly elaborates on stories and insights from her own awakening journey. As a “seeker” since her later teenage years, she has constantly sought knowledge through various spiritual ideologies and explored the terrain of her own Soul to find her own answers to her struggles and questions.

She is known to use colourful language to express herself, which people will love or hate, however, it is authentic and true to who she really is. Rebecca-Lee says her “Mum was “soaping her mouth out” since she was about 7 or 8 years old, so it must have been something she “brought through” as a soul expression, or maybe she was a Sailor in her past life!

Rebecca-Lee’s work will take you deep into your own soul and venturing through your energetic body to the higher ethers and beyond, and then grounded back into the depths of the Earth. Her advocacy for self-love and self-responsibility continues to shine through and inspires, motivates, educates and reminds people that they have the power to awaken and determine their own life.

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